Truck Loader 5

Truck Loader 5

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The game Truck Loader 5 will take us to the warehouse once again, where they need to carry few crates away from the warehouse. After previous experience with you, the warehouse owner called you with a request to do a job. He needs to have all thirty cargo crates transported without any issues and you are the person he trusts. Control magnetic arm, which will pull in any metal crate, so you can move with them and load them on the truck. Some of the crates like to explode, perhaps, you will find this useful, when you will have to overcome certain obstacles, because this game is full of them. Have fun.


Truck Loaders 5 is a classic puzzle game where you have to use a forklift to load goods onto a truck. Boxes are distributed throughout the level, and you have to collect them and load them into a truck to complete the level. Some levels are simple enough that you just drive around collecting boxes, but as the game goes on, the levels get harder and harder, requiring you to perform special moves or follow sequences to complete the levels.
Any warehouse manager would want a heavy hitter like him to move his goods. Stack crates and other warehouse goods and load trucks at a popular time on the latest version of the truck loader.
The popular car control game truck loader continues its new series. You can all have fun and improve your intelligence. The task of loader 5 is to load all the boxes onto the truck using a magnetic crane. If you solve the puzzle quickly, you'll earn 3 lights from the level. Let's get to work now!

Truck Loader 5 is the fifth sequel to this super fun puzzle game, and you can enjoy it online for free at Silvergames.com. It takes mental work to load the truck. In part 5 of this fun physics-based puzzle game, you'll navigate warehouses and try to navigate obstacles, ramps, and explosives to complete your quest.

Activate buttons and open doors to pass or load the cargo with your grappling hook to bring it to the truck. Use the mouse to navigate your gamepad and use the d-pad or d-pad to drive your vehicle. Do you have what it takes to be a professional truck loader? Find out now and have lots of fun with truck loader 5!

Play the best truck loader games only in Kiz10!! A new adventure for the small but powerful truck loader and his faithful magnet. Your goal is to load the boxes onto the truck in a certain order.

In today's online games, you can reuse vehicles using magnets. The challenge is to grab the box and get it to the other side of the game level. Expect a brand new class of 30 levels that will take you beyond measure. The difficulty level will continue to rise, so anything too light. If you successfully complete the game, you can try earlier sections.

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