Unicorn Dentist

Unicorn Dentist

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Kids hurry up! Lots of animals come to the unicorn pet doctor with many oral problems. They need teeth dentist services immediately. Solve the issues of the cute ones and make them happy. Help your furry friends, give the best dental care and enjoy the endless fun of four amazing modes of free teeth games. Patients are in pain, let’s treat them well & enjoy the little dental care games. Unicorn pet pony dentists it is your chance to run a teeth doctor clinic. Try hard to give the best treatment and give relief to the adorables. This animal hospital has an expert little dental pet dentist doctor who has the skill of giving them a cure. So carefully examine the teeth & give the right treatment. This animal doctor pet clinic is fully equipped with many tools. Step by step simple guides help the pony dentist to use them correctly. Show your best skills of giving the best dental care and have a wonderful experience of free teeth games. You have lots of responsibilities for the right checkup. Unicorn pet dentist care games have many tasks for little dental experts to perform. In this pet doctor hospital try to give the best cure by washing the teeth & making the right filling. Pony dentist let’s cure the toothache and give animal doctor dental care to the pets from the pain. To make the patient feel fresh and awesome use many fashion accessories and beautiful stickers to decorate the teeth & have a bundle of fun. Let’s perform other animal dentist clinic tasks. Pretty cool tools of a unicorn doctor are here to help you, like mouthwash for bad breath & dental filling. You can also enjoy three mini teeth games for hours of fun. Oral dentist don’t make the cute patients wait too long, they are in trouble, give them pet hospital treatment and enjoy the best dental care teeth games.



Welcome players to play, this is a dental simulator designed for girls, boys and families.
Do you know the dentist's process?
Have you ever experienced tooth decay?
Or is it that all kinds of vegetables are stuffed into the cracks in the teeth?
In this game, players can use a variety of real dentist and doctor tools, such as syringes, drills and even stickers to help cute boys, girls repair teeth and leave surgery, dental surgery has never been so fun!
Learn how to be a dentist!
How to be the best dentist!
In the game, let us use the tools, you will need to brush your teeth, treat bacteria and wash your teeth, etc., do all these things, will make friends leave shiny clean teeth, the game has different dental problems, players need to explore their own process in the game, so that they can pass the checkpoint, that is, to cure the teeth of boys and girls!
Players can use different tools to perform different types of surgeries. Players can become the best dentists with the help of this fun and free dental simulator. Let's beat bugs to eliminate infection and fill our teeth.

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I like the process of pulling out a decayed tooth, because it will cry, because the picture looks like a cartoon effect, so it looks very funny!


Miss Priss

How to say, I simply played a few games and felt that this game was not what I wanted it to look like. The gap between the teeth of patients in dental games is a little big. Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder look a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are corrections in the game. I will definitely do this first.


Hot Chocolate

I am a stomatology student, the first reaction to see this game is very happy, because to see that there is a dentist game can give children or teenagers popular science, this is a good game, but the steps are relatively simple.



First of all, as a stand-alone game has been quite good, cartoon, simple painting style, easy to play, that is, when brushing the teeth, the teeth will flash!

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