Zombie Soldier

Zombie Soldier

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Zombie Soldier is a very interesting game. Kill the zombies by designing the route of the bullet rebound. Your bullets are limited. If the bullets are gone and the zombies have not been killed, you will be eaten! Save the world, superhero


Zombie soldiers are a more powerful version of zombie infantry. It's faster and stronger than it is. It is produced in the catacombs - the third floor and above. It drops zombie soldier armor and zombie soldier scimitar. Zombie soldier armor is a good piece of dungeon armor for early dungeon players, and it goes with Bonzo's mask.
Its health, like any other dungeon monster, is measured by the floor on which they spawn. It can also have modifications such as Health, Burn, Storm, Fast or Boost. Health increases the health icon of monsters. PNG's life. Improved added defense ICONS for monsters. PNG defense. Burn causes melee attacks to ignite the player's flame. Speed makes the mob move faster. The storm causes MOBS to lightning strike nearby players, dealing real damage.

A zombie of an Eastern Church soldier killed in battle long ago. In honor of its name, Bloody Zombie can still be seen dripping blood from parts of its flesh under its armor. When he met his enemies, he rushed at them and began to brandish the blood-stained dagger he carried.

Whenever its body is cut open by a sharp weapon, it emits a large amount of blood for Alucard to eat, making it an effective option for replenishing health in early games.

In-game descriptions indicate that this enemy died 300 years ago. Since the Symphony of the Night takes place in 1797, this would place the date around the 15th century, when Trevor Belmont first defeated Dracula and Dracula began his war against humanity (1476), although the dates don't exactly match. Besides, it's anyone's guess how a 300-year-old corpse can carry fresh blood.

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