Zombie Vacation

Zombie Vacation

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You are special forces soldier, your plane crashed and you got unexpected vacation on a tropical island crowded with zombies, your mission is to use your modern sub-machine gun to shoot thousands of zombies and try to survive each wave of zombies in order to win.


Zombie Vacation is a 3D realistic zombie shooter game. You're a special forces soldier who survived a plane crash. You land on a tropical island full of zombies and your mission is to destroy them, using your machine guns and guns to knock out thousands of undead in the waves and win!

Some people prefer to vacation on a tropical island without zombies. How boring! Follow this intrepid soldier as he enjoys some rest and relaxation battling the endless zombie horde. Can you help him live as long as possible in this crazy action game?

Do you like shooting games? What about zombie games? Well, this time you'll be able to combine the two types of games because the game Zombie Vacation is a shooter and you'll have to shoot zombies. First of all, you may have realized that you are on a desert island because the plane you went on vacation, the pilot had to execute an emergency landing strategy, that is why you are now on this desert island, you will have to survive the zombie attack, to you want to eat you.

First, you need to know that the superhero you control only has a small machine gun handy, and you must use it very carefully so that you can survive the attacks of the island monsters. When you run out of bullets, you can use a spare magazine so you can replace an empty one.
Zombies will come to you and will also be equipped with bags and pickaxes, which is why you have to watch out for every enemy heading your way.

Try to survive the wave of zombies coming your way. In the game, the number of monsters will increase and the number of zombies will increase.

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