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Explore & Fight! Will you be the best trainer?


Welcome to the animal world. When you play this game, you will have the opportunity to tame all kinds of cute animals. It's impossible to get bored of this game because you never know what animal you're going to tame next. As the game progresses, you will also try to expand the land. The landscape also varies by level. It's really fun to watch these cute animals fighting with each other. If the animals you have collected are strong, it will be easy for you to tame the others. So it's really exciting to train more and more animals. If you're really good enough, you'll end up with the perfect team of different animals. You can't imagine how unusual it is to explore this new world with those larger and rarer animals. It's a different experience when you explore a completely different place. Everything here is mysterious. Sometimes, you just can't figure out what kind of animal you're trying to tame. But you needn't worry. If you can tame the animal, it will work for you. It is very important for you to domesticate as many animals as possible. If you can successfully tame rare animals, that will be a great help. Of course, rare animals are hard to tame because these animals are really powerful. It takes some time to tame these rare animals. But once you've managed to tame rare animals, you've got amazing team members. Rare animals will provide the perfect service for you. Such animals can help you tame other rare animals. Before long, you'll have a collection of rare animals. When you successfully collect a collection of rare animals, it gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. The whole process makes you feel great! You can become addicted to this animal training process. When you walk around the beautiful island with your animals, you will find them so cute. You may think you're just the leader of a team. But all these lovely animals are counting on you. You are their only master. So you must try your best. In fact, you don't have to feel stressed. Feel free to take your animals on a truly great adventure. The overall atmosphere of the game is quite relaxed. It doesn't kill your brain cells. You will not be forced to do anything beyond your ability. You just need to stay relaxed and enjoy your special adventures with your adorable animals. You are the leader and protector of your animals in this world. So, it's your responsibility to protect the eggs of these animals, because these eggs will give birth to new life. Your job is also to keep your lovely animals safe. If they are wounded, you must make sure they get the proper healing time before joining a new battle. To better protect your cute animals, it's best to attack smaller animals first. It's relatively easy to attack an animal that's weaker than your current one. In this way, you can succeed in taming more animals. If you choose to fight an animal that is more powerful than the one you have already collected, your animal will most likely be defeated. In this way, your efforts will be wasted. So sometimes you have to play the game in a smart way. It's really fun to bike on this huge island with your adorable animals. You never know where the island ends. As long as you can defeat other animals, you get gold coins. With these coins, you will manage to expand your island. In the end, you'll see that this is a big map; You can't get tired of this new world. You just want to help your lovely animal explore the great world. You just want to keep exploring this beautiful world with your animals until you search every corner of the land. The scenery is amazing! You will see rocks, trees, flowers, and the sea. The whole atmosphere is really relaxing. You don't feel any pressure. The training was not violent at all. While the animals fight each other, the whole scene is not aggressive.

In fact, you'll see these animals bumping their heads against each other. Their body movements are really cute. You'll enjoy the process. You don't have to be a part of this. You just have to stand back and enjoy the fight. Besides, you don't have to worry that your animal might be defeated. Even if your animal ends up on the losing side, you don't have to worry because you can resurrect your animal at any time. Sometimes, if you're excited, if you just want to do something amazing, you can choose to fight really powerful and rare animals. If you're a parent, it's also a very healthy game that you can play with your kids. By playing this game together, you can help your child learn about different types of animals. The whole learning process was really interesting. You feel happy every time you unlock a new animal. So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect time for you and your adorable animals to embark on this great adventure. If you're an animal lover, or if you really like to spend some free time with cute animals, you should definitely give this game a try. It can help relieve your stress and it will bring you into a world of real beauty and sweetness. When you play this game, you automatically forget all your other worries and worries. Animals will just help you get rid of all your mental burdens! So you can start your new adventure with these legendary animals and explore this whole new world!

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